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How to maintain the hydraulic punching machine? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Nov 05, 2021

No matter what kind of hydraulic crimping tools is purchased, it needs to be repaired and maintained accordingly. The correct use of hydraulic punching machines, careful implementation of maintenance and compliance with safe operating procedures are necessary conditions for prolonging the service life of the equipment and ensuring safe production. But how should the hydraulic punching machine be maintained to effectively extend its service life?

1. Strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily maintenance system

When the hydraulic punching machine is idle and not working, it must be powered off first, and then clean up the waste between the workbench and the mold and use lubricating oil. During this period, the matters needing attention are that the solenoid valve cannot enter water and the compressed air must be dry. Prevent dust from entering the hydraulic punching machine. The floating dust and metal powder in the electric control device of the hydraulic punching machine can easily cause the insulation resistance between the electrical components to decrease, which will cause failures, and even damage the components.

2. Regular cleaning

For all mechanical equipment, cleaning is a very important thing. For hydraulic punching machines, not only regular cleaning is required, but also targeted maintenance is required. Clean the iron filings on the frame of the hydraulic punching machine and the guide rod, add specific lubricating oil for maintenance after cleaning, and adjust various angles of the stainless steel punching machine.

3. Fully guarantee the sensitivity of the machine

In order to maintain long-term sensitivity of electronic mechanical equipment, it is necessary to keep its internal equipment moist. Replacing the gear oil in the punch drive gear box to ensure that the punch is wet for a long time plays a key role in the entire hydraulic punching machine. In addition, in order to ensure the service life of the first-class hydraulic punching machine, generally the new machine should be replaced when it reaches the upper limit of the continuous operation cycle of the new machine. High-quality lubricant with moisture.

The above are the three tips for maintaining hydraulic punching machines. I wonder if all users and friends know how to perform daily maintenance? No matter how high quality it is, a perfect hydraulic punching machine will produce a certain degree of wear after a long time of work, which will lead to an increase in working hours. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the hydraulic punching machine must be paid more attention to so that it can be better. Work well.

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