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What are the classifications of cable reels Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 07, 2022

Simply put, the cable reel is to provide power for large-scale mobile equipment, or a cable winding device that controls power and control signals. At present, the application range of cable reels is relatively wide, such as port gantry cranes, container cranes, ship loader, etc. These heavy machinery and equipment similar to working conditions will all use cable reels. So, what are the classifications of cable reels?

1. Spring-driven cable roller
This kind of cable reel is usually used to control the winding or unwinding of cables, and is generally used in cranes, stacking devices or wastewater treatment technology.

2. Spiral spring drive reel
The price of this kind of cable reel is relatively low, and the reliability is stronger, and it can be used alternately with the electric reel. For those mobile devices, there is no internal power supply, which is especially suitable for use.

All in all, the power part and speed regulation part on the cable reel are borne by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical characteristics.

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