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What are the main functions of building electrical engineering? Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 12, 2021

The function is to transmit and distribute electric energy, apply electric energy and transmit information, and provide people with a comfortable, convenient and safe building environment. The application of electric energy is mainly alternating current (power frequency strong current), and information transmission is mainly high-frequency weak current or direct current.

How is building electrical engineering divided

(1) Traditional division

   According to the function of building electrical engineering, people are used to divide it into strong current (electricity) engineering and weak current (information) engineering. The processing object of strong electricity is energy (electricity), which is characterized by high voltage, high current, high power, and low frequency. The main considerations are to reduce loss, improve efficiency and safe use of electricity; the processing object of weak electricity is mainly information. That is, information transmission and control are characterized by low voltage, low current, low power, and high frequency. The main consideration is the effect of information transmission, such as the fidelity, speed, breadth and reliability of information transmission.

   (2) Modern division

According to GB50300-2001 "Uniform Standard for Construction Quality Acceptance of Building Engineering", relatively large construction projects can be divided into: foundation and foundation, main structure, building decoration, building roof, building water supply and drainage and heating, building electrical, intelligent building, ventilation 9 branch projects including air-conditioning and elevators.

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   Building electrical sub-projects can be divided into 7 sub-sub-sub-projects: outdoor electrical, power distribution room, power supply trunk, electrical power, electrical lighting installation, backup and uninterruptible power supply installation, lightning protection and grounding installation.

Intelligent building sub-projects can be divided into: communication network system, office automation system, building equipment monitoring system, fire alarm and fire linkage system, safety protection system, integrated wiring system, intelligent integrated system, power supply and grounding, environment, residential ( Community) 10 sub-division projects such as intelligent systems.

Each sub-division project can be divided into several sub-projects, for example: residential (community) intelligent system can be divided into fire alarm and fire linkage system, security system (including TV monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, patrol System, access control system, building intercom system, household intercom call for help system, parking management system), property management system (multi-meter on-site metering and remote transmission system, construction equipment monitoring system, public broadcasting system, community network and information service system, Sub-projects such as property office automation system) and intelligent home information platform.

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