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What are the reasons for the failure of the cable reel Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 22, 2022

The cable reel sometimes fails during use. Once the cable reel fails, it is necessary to investigate the cause in time so that the problem can be solved. Generally, the reasons for the failure of the cable reel mainly include the following situations.

1. The tension on the cable reel has exceeded its own range, so the cable roller will fail. As long as the tension of the cable reel is controlled within a reasonable range, the problem can be avoided.

2. The mechanical structure design of the equipment supporting the cable reel is unreasonable, so that the cable reel will be subjected to excessive stretching and eventually the equipment will break.

3. There is an overcurrent phenomenon during the use of the cable reel. Although the surface of the cable has an insulating protective layer, the temperature it can withstand also has a clear standard. If the bending radius of the cable is smaller than the rated bending radius, the skin is easy to Problems with twisting, knotting and breakage. Eventually, the cable reel will fail.

In short, the failure of cable reels is a common phenomenon. When encountering such a problem, it is necessary to find out the problem, and then solve the problem in a targeted manner.

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