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What conditions should the production of cable bracket meet? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 25, 2021

The cable support is a device used to protect our come along clamp, and it has more common applications. Its use effect is also relatively good. So what are our requirements when making cable brackets? Let's introduce it in detail below.

First of all, after the construction of the busbar device, check that the processing, preparation, and welding of metal components should meet the requirements; the bolts, washers, split pins and other parts should be complete and reliable; the busbar configuration and installation frame should meet the requirements, interphase and ground electrical The distance meets the requirements; the porcelain parts, iron parts and glued parts should be complete, the oil-filled casing should have no oil leakage, and the oil level should be normal. The paint is intact, the color is correct, and the grounding is good.

The steel should be straight, without obvious distortion, the blanking error should be within 5mm, the cut should be free of curling or burrs; the bracket should be welded firmly, without obvious deformation, and the vertical net distance between the transverse supports and the design deviation should not be greater than 5mm.

The metal bracket must be treated with anti-corrosion. When it is located in areas with damp heat, salt, fog and chemical corrosion, special anti-corrosion treatment should be done according to the design. Urban integrated cable supports generally use combined types, and other types such as screw type and embedded type are rare.

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