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What is building construction noise Posted by : admin / Posted on : May 19, 2021

In cities, the construction of public facilities such as underground railways, highways, bridges, the laying of underground pipelines and cables, and the construction sites engaged in industrial and civil buildings all use a large number of power machinery with different performances, making the original relatively quiet environment Places with severe noise pollution. Some construction sites are close to residential buildings, causing great disturbance to the lives of residents.

At the construction site, different construction machinery and construction methods are adopted along with the progress of the project and the replacement of construction procedures. For example, in foundation engineering, there are operations such as earth blasting, trench excavation, leveling and cleaning of the site, ramming, piling, etc.; in the main engineering, there are vertical steel or reinforced concrete skeletons, hoisting components, mixing and pouring concrete, etc. ; On the construction site, there are frequent transportation activities of materials and components from beginning to end; in addition, there are various knocks, bumps, collapse of old buildings, and people's shouts.

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Therefore, noise sources are diverse and often change. The average A sound level of the noise of the main construction machinery on the construction site is shown in the table. The noise levels listed in the table are measured at a distance of approximately 15 meters from the noise source. The noise experienced by on-site operators is also 10 to 20 decibels louder. The noise hazard they suffer is no less than that of workers operating in a noisy workshop.

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