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What is the development direction of China's power tool sales? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 02, 2020

The precision of Construction Power Tools is one of the important indicators that reflect a country's manufacturing capacity and industrialization capacity, and it plays a very important role in the improvement of the national economy, energy utilization, environmental protection and people's quality of life. In order to consolidate the industrial foundation, improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development, and promote China's transformation from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, the state has successively issued a series of industrial policies.

In recent years, the promulgation of relevant policies has made it obvious that foreign sales have turned to domestic sales. Since the financial tsunami occurred in 2008, some enterprises and merchants focusing on foreign trade production and sales have changed their business strategies in time and began to focus on the development and innovation of the domestic power tool market. Some power tool companies that dominate domestic sales themselves And the merchants are also taking advantage of their own advantages and actively working hard to upgrade the files, and the development is also quite rapid.

In addition, on June 22, 2020, the State Council promulgated the "Implementation Opinions on Supporting the Transfer of Exported Products to Domestic Sales", clearly stating that while encouraging companies to expand into the international market, they support marketable export products to open up the domestic market and focus on helping Foreign trade enterprises have overcome difficulties and promoted the basic stability of foreign trade. Therefore, Chinese power tool export-oriented enterprises should further study and master European and American power tool trade practices, and while stabilizing and expanding the market share of Chinese power tools in Western Europe and North America, actively explore the domestic market and achieve market diversification.

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