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Wire Or Cable Roller Stringing Block Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 24, 2021

Wire or Cable Roller Stringers are used mainly in industrial and commercial applications and provide the basis of many different industries. These incredibly strong cables have hundreds of feet of pull strength and can support heavy loads for very long distances. These types of rope products are very reliable and durable, and can be used to power or carry heavy loads over long distances. Made in the US from American made steel, they can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as provide a high degree of load bearing capability.

Designed for long term use these large round steel blocks are made of thick steel frames welded around both sides to form an extremely strong cable structure. The standard length of cable will be about nine hundred feet; however, most applications will require much further lengths. DDIN grounded roller stringing blocks are typically assembled with a special ground connection attached to the axle via a heavy duty ground cable that is welded directly to a steel frame. Other types of ground connections may also be used; these would usually be made using galvanized steel or copper to prevent corrosion.

The larger sizes of stringing blocks generally require much more advanced equipment to assemble than the smaller ones. The larger, heavier models will typically require a vertical shaft, and the gearboxes that are used to connect these rings need to be specially designed for this application. Some of these gearboxes are actually constructed from aluminum alloys; some of them are built around large aluminum alloy pipes. The advantage of these larger gearboxes is that they are extremely durable and able to handle greater tensile loads; however, they are also much heavier and may need a lot of force to install.

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