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Analysis of the working principle of the cable reel Posted by : admin / Posted on : Feb 18, 2022

The working power part and the speed regulation part of the cable reel are acted by the motor, which has its unique mechanical and electrical characteristics. The motor can run stably for a long time at any point on the mechanical characteristic curve of torque and speed to ensure that the cable can obtain proper winding speed and tension on the corresponding radius of the reel. The motor has a wide range of speed regulation and has very soft mechanical characteristics. When the load changes, the working speed of the motor also changes accordingly, that is, the load increases and the speed decreases, and the load decreases and the speed increases.

1. The output torque of the cable winding motor is the power, and the reel is driven to take up the cable through the deceleration part.

2. In order to ensure the synchronization of unwinding, release the output torque of the cable motor as an obstacle to prevent the cable from quickly pulling off the reel.

3. In order to ensure that when the motor is powered off, the cable will not slip off the reel due to gravity, and the motor is equipped with a disc normally closed brake when it is stopped for a long time.

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