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Know the Basics of Construction Work Posted by : admin / Posted on : Sep 24, 2021

Construction is a broad term meaning the science and art of to form materials, systems, or organized structures, and comes from Latin ad constructum and Old French construction. The word "construction" is also used in computing to mean the act of constructing, which is derived from the same root. Thus construction is the subject and ad form is the object: to construct is the word used, and the word construct is the object used. Thus, to build is the subject, ad form is the object.

In office construction, as well as other types of construction works, a careful attention is paid to the use of construction power tools and equipment in a safe manner. Construction works may include any of the following: Temporary office structure, Prefabricated buildings, Mobile homes, Warehouses, Factories, Industrial plants, Pier, Docks, etc. The term "temporary" is used in this context to mean any building which is not intended as a permanent residence; it could be relocated anytime. Office buildings constructed for temporary use are referred to as temporary buildings. For instance, a warehouse is a temporary building used for storing articles temporarily.

One can engage in one or more forms of construction activities depending on their skills and capabilities. The scope of work and types of construction works are many, ranging from residential house construction to airport terminal, skyscrapers and bridges, dams, mines, industrial set ups, etc. Each of these projects have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, which determine the kind of contractor to be chosen. It is essential to have an extensive knowledge of construction works in order to bid successfully. It helps in identifying the most suitable contractor for a particular project.

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