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What are the application areas of cable reels? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 17, 2021

When it comes to cable reels, some people don’t understand it very well. Simply put, a cable reel is a device that provides power for large-scale mobile equipment, or is a device for controlling power and controlling signal cable winding.

1. The scope of application of cable roller
Generally speaking, the application range of cable drums is in port cranes, container cranes, ship loader, and tower cranes and other heavy machinery and equipment in similar working conditions.

2. The form of the cable reel
At present, there are four types of cable reels, namely counterweight cable reels, torque motor cable reels, hysteresis cable reels, and frequency conversion drive cable reels.

All in all, cable reels are currently widely used in industrial production and are an indispensable machine device. The performance of cable reels is superior and there are many models. However, when choosing a better cable reel, you should pay attention to the corresponding In order to effectively avoid illegal use and cause some unnecessary losses.

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