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What are the advantages of cable reels? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 10, 2021

More and more new machines and equipment are put into people's lives. Their appearance has brought us a lot of convenience, not only can improve production, but also save a lot of manpower. Cable reels are now widely used, mainly in lifting devices, especially in steel mills, ships, automobiles and other manufacturing industries.

1. Better toughness
In the past, electronic cranes used iron chain devices, and now the cable reel has completely replaced it. Because compared with metal, it is more tough and has better cushioning power. The service life of the metal reel is very short, and it is prone to accidents. The cable reel can expand and contract freely, and it is safer to work.

2. Longer life span
Because the iron chain reel is a metal product, it will be oxidized regardless of whether it is used or not. If it is used in a port, it will be more prone to rust. But the cable reel does not have to worry about rusting at all, because its material is cable, and the outside is all insulators. Generally, it does not return to rust, and the use cycle is much longer than that of metal.

There are many advantages of the cable reel, as long as you can find it after use, but you must pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance.

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