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What are the common faults of cable reels? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Dec 03, 2021

Cable drums are not only widely used in industry, but also play a certain role in transportation, logistics, and construction on site. The cable reel is mainly suitable for lifting devices, as long as it needs to be lifted, then the cable reel is definitely the first choice. So, what are the common faults of the cable reel?

1. Idling
The so-called idling means that the bearing rotates but the cable roller does not work. The general cause of this situation is that the bearing is broken, because long-term use will cause wear to the bearing. Usually, few people pay attention to the maintenance of this part. If this is the reason, then Just replace the axle wheel.

2. Oil leakage
Oil leakage is a common problem in all power plants, and cable drums are no exception. If there is an oil leak, first check whether the fuel tank is damaged. If the fuel tank is not damaged, it is likely that the fuel pipe is broken.

Don't panic after the cable reel fails, just find the reason and use the relative method to deal with it. If you don't understand it, you can find a professional to repair it.

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