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How can the development of power construction catch the moment? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 29, 2021

As one of the most efficient and important forms of energy at the moment, electricity plays an important role in the normal operation of society. With more applications of distributed renewable energy and users' increasing expectations of power reliability, the future power system will become more important and complex. Therefore, the construction of smart power is becoming the future technology trend.

Focusing on the goal of smart power, Shuzhiyuan has created data visualization products and solutions for the power industry to meet the real-time and accuracy of information acquisition in important links such as smart grid power generation, transmission, transformation, power distribution, and power consumption. , Comprehensiveness and other needs, comprehensively improve the perception of grid production, grid services, and grid management, and help power companies to transform to standardization and intelligence Anti twist wire rope.

Digital upgrade is an opportunity and a pain point

At present, the "new infrastructure" wave has begun to stimulate new kinetic energy in many industries, and it will surely bring unprecedented opportunities for innovation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure such as electric energy, transportation, and communications.

Looking at the seven major areas of "new infrastructure", 5G, UHV, new energy vehicle charging piles, and intercity rail transit systems all need to be supported by reliable, stable, flexible and efficient power infrastructure and energy networks. This demand is undoubtedly The power industry has put forward new demands. On the one hand, the development of electric power must better provide support for the urbanization process and energy structure transformation. On the other hand, it also puts forward higher requirements for the efficiency of power investment and construction. It cannot rely solely on the single way of power grid expansion to meet new demands. It is necessary to achieve the optimization of comprehensive benefits by improving the flexibility and intelligent level of power system operation.

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