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What are the functions of the cable conduit and a brief introduction? Posted by : admin / Posted on : Jan 14, 2021

Cable threading tube, a device that protects cables, distinguishes cable functional devices, and is a tube that is convenient for wiring and maintenance. Generally, anti-corrosion and anti-leakage hard PVC hoses are used. In addition, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel and other pipes are used according to different usage scenarios.

With the rapid development of the electric power industry and the information industry, the issue of environmental protection has gradually attracted people’s attention. Cables to the ground have been widely promoted in the construction and transformation of urban power grids, making cable conduits more and more widely used. The plastic-coated threading pipe has simple construction, low investment and convenient maintenance.

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The use of the threading pipe is not only beneficial to the improvement of urban appearance, traffic and environment, but also to avoid the mutual influence between cables and the influence of other underground pipelines on the cables.
It greatly reduces the cable failure caused by external force damage and extends the service life of the cable. There are many types of cable threading with different performances, but only the plastic-coated cable threading tube combines the advantages of steel pipe and plastic tube, and is the most ideal device for protecting cables.

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