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Introduction and classification of pay-off machine Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 14, 2021

1. Pay-off machine:
Pay-off machine is a kind of wire and cable auxiliary tool machine equipment equipped with stranding machine, Chinese name: pay-off machine; English name: fangxianji; introduction: wire and cable auxiliary tool machine with pay-off function Equipment; Categorization: Active back-twisting pay-off machine, column-type power pay-off machine.

2. Classification of pay-off machines:
a. Pay-off machines can generally be divided into positive back-twist pay-off machines, column-type power pay-off machines, dual-axis power pay-off machines, dual-axis double-head metal wire drawing reel active pay-off machines, shaftless pay-off machines, etc. ;
b. Actively back-twisting the pay-off machine, the key is equipped with a twisting machine for the pay-off, which has the pre-twisting function, and can maintain the stranding instead of stranding, considering the customer's small cross-section stranding regulations;
c. Dual-axis power pay-off machine, suitable for pay-off when two copper wires are twisted in pairs;
d. Double-shaft double-head metal wire drawing reel active pay-off machine, suitable for pay-off of multi-core electric conductors, and used for pay-off of stranding machine and doubling machine;
e. Shaftless pay-off machine, suitable for extruder and cable reel pay-off.

3. In the come along clamp manufacturing industry:
Classification of pay-off machines: In the wire and cable manufacturing industry, the pay-off racks as a whole can be divided into power pay-off machines and passive technology pay-off machines. Power pay-off machines include: door-type power pay-off, van-type power pay-off, and bar type. Power pay-off, end shaft pay-off, and gantry pay-off; passive skill pay-off machines are divided into: barrel throw-off pay-off, over-end pay-off, etc. It is a common classification method in the manufacturing industry. Different companies have different names, and different countries have different names.

4. Basic parameters:
The basic parameters of the pay-off machine include single-line wire diameter, pay-off reel specifications, speed ratio, tension control, operation method, power output and other main parameters.

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