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Introduction of modular cable bracket Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 22, 2021

The problem with traditional modular cable brackets: For a long time, the manufacturing materials of cable brackets mainly include metal angle iron cable brackets, cement cable brackets, etc. Since the metal bracket is simply rolled from steel or angle iron, it is economical and easy to obtain. The angle iron cable bracket has been the main choice for power cables for a long time, but in the process of use, the material weakness of the angle iron bracket has become increasingly prominent:

1. The electrical loss caused by the eddy current between the cable and the metal accounts for more than 50% of the cable iron loss.

2. It cannot be used under harsh environmental conditions such as subways, chemical companies, rainy and humid places, or coastal salt fog;

3. It is easy to rust and corrode, it is inevitable to be treated with anti-rust paint and hot zinc technology, and the service life is short;

4. The production process has high energy consumption, many procedures and long cycle.

Installation methods and precautions for the installation steps of the combined cable bracket: A set of brackets includes glass fiber reinforced plastic columns, brackets, pins (bolts), and polymer fixing caps. The installation tools are ordinary electric drills, electric drills, and wrenches.

1. Column installation: There is a mounting hole on the positioning line on the back of the column with a diameter of ф 12.5. Fix the column to the wall with M12 expansion bolts according to the installation construction drawing and the position of the column mounting hole. Spacers should be installed between the bolts and the column, and the trough-shaped column should be as close to the wall as possible.

2. Cable roller: Drag the cable to the installation position of the cable bracket.

3. Bracket installation: According to the requirements of the bracket layer spacing, assembly holes are reserved on the positioning lines on both sides of the column, with a diameter of ф 8.

5; Fix the bracket on the trough-shaped column with bolts, and tighten the bolts appropriately. Note that a gasket needs to be installed between the bolt and the column.

4. Cable positioning and fixing: Put the cable on the bracket and tie it. When placing, try to place the heavy cable at the root of the bracket. Combination

Note for cable bracket:

1. When installing, fix the cable bracket to the wall to prevent loosening.

2. It is strictly forbidden to stand on supports or supports other than cables.

3. When laying the cable, it is forbidden to drop the cable from high altitude, and it should be placed directly on the support.

4. During laying and maintenance, avoid pulling the cable on the support, and take measures to prevent the support from being subjected to lateral force.

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